How to pick up a German girl to a mutual satisfaction

Most probably, you have already noticed the readiness of German girls to flirt and get acquainted with nice men. But hey! Doesn’t matter how much they love fun: they can easily blow you off! How to avoid that and get what you want? Learn from this article!

Modern German girls are cool, polite, multicultural, very open-minded, and humorous. They are rather direct and straight forward in their reactions as they hate to waste time, but they do respect other people’s feelings. They can be extremely helpful, so it’s a good idea to start your communication asking for help. Just try to be sincere, and then to find a correct moment for switching to another topic. meet german women

German women have all the reasons to be completely happy and freedom-loving. They gain enough for their needs and for some extra whims. Keep in mind that they won’t be just average housewives; if they cook and clean, it’s only because they want to. It’s much more typical for them to share duties at home with their partner. They love to wear only the clothes that are comfortable, eat the food that is yummy, drink plenty (remaining quite sober though), laugh out loud, and be imaginative in a bed. Most often, it’s not even a bed but some unusual place! So you have what to struggle for!

They love the comfort and a qualitative, easy-going life. You must show that you correspond to that level of financial and psychological freedom. When there’s already a spark between you and her, discuss your fantasies freely: she considers that a sign of a healthy relationship. It’s also ok to rush and get closer quickly: but some of the German babes love a longer romantic admiration, so clear this up.

They are often hard-workers and busy bees, but they won’t talk much about their job. They know how to relax and enjoy a man’s company. If you want to keep her in this nice relaxed condition, and to get all the advantages, talk about the simplest everyday things, plan a little vacation together, massage her shoulders, exchange great recipes. Such things calm her down and provide a peaceful state of mind. And that is the best foreplay!

Don’t worry: if she wants a more sophisticated conversation, she will let you know immediately. If her favourite topics are too complicated for you, just be a good listener!

Most of the German beauties are extremely social and amiable, so you should train your jealousy: there’s no place for it if you decided to go out with such an extrovert. Manage your emotions. Be her friend not her controlling monster: you are going to learn how to enjoy that! She may excite you, and only you, in a very special way later on. You better stay prepared!
We’d like to admit that German punctuality is an old-fashioned myth. But if your new mate is a businesswoman, then she’s very punctual and demanding for sure, so don’t spoil your reputation in her eyes. Even lovers with no strings attached should be responsible at some point!
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Please, always remember, that even the strongest and most independent women still fall for caring gentlemen. She may laugh at your care on the beginning and call it ridiculous, especially if she’s very young or very mature. But believe us, her heart will be melting like an ice cube under the sun with every gallant and generous action of yours. To not cross the line, let her pay the bill from time to time. This way, you will keep the balance respecting her feminist side.

If you pass all these first «exams» or let’s say first gates, you’re nearly in a paradise. You see, German girls have a unique quality to accept a man as he is. You don’t need to express her much with your super-muscles or super-cars, you don’t have to play any role (unless she begs you to!) You shouldn’t pretend you’re a celebrity or a cool macho, just be yourself. It’s such a long-expected luxury, being yourself. When the sweet time comes, express yourself to the maximum, but let her express herself too. We bet it’ll be the best acquaintance and the best sex in your life!

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